Making rice wine is super easy. See previous post here as proof. All you really need is rice, yeast, and a clean air-tight container. So if you're like me and you have rice always on hand, all you really need are a few simple items.

Here's a list of everything you need to make your own kit for under $20. Everything can be purchased at a local hardware store or online. Links to example items are provided.


1. Bucket with a lid

I got a 2-gallon bucket including a lid from Home Depot for about $5 (you can get those 5-gallon Home Depot branded buckets for cheaper but I like the clean white look). You'll want to drill a 3/4 inch hole in the lid for item 2 below.


2. Air-lock

The hole is for inserting an airlock. These cheap plastic airlocks can be found on Amazon for like $2 each or at your local home brew store. Example here. The purpose of these airlocks is to prevent outside air from getting into the sealed bucket but at the same allowing gas from the fermentation process to escape. You fill the airlock with water up to the marked lines; the water stops air from going in; built up gas inside the bucket creates pressure which will escape past the water as bubbles.  


3. Paint straining bag

This is for straining the rice after it's fermented. I got these at Home depot for about $2.50 each ($5 for a 2 pack). You can also use cheesecloth or any other mesh material but these were super cheap and they're made perfectly for the buckets I use. Examples here and here.


4. Rice wine yeast

You can find these on Amazon if you search "Chinese Yeast Balls" for about $5 per 2 yeast balls (enough for 1 batch of rice wine). Examples here and here

Note: if you are using Japanese "Koji" you will need to add a separate brewer's yeast for proper fermentation. 


That's it.